John Igneri, Councilman, District E , & Council President

I’m running because Norwalk is on the move again and I want to continue to build upon the strong foundation we've laid down over the past few years to ensure Norwalk achieves its full potential.


As Council President, Chairman of the Public Works Committee and member of the Finance, Planning and Personnel Committees, I've worked hard to control property taxes and improve residents' quality of life. Through my leadership and in partnership with the Mayor, Tom Livingston, and other council members, we’ve increased development and expanded the commercial grand list by $400 million. This has helped keep property tax increases to under 2% in the last two years.


Another more recent example is the SONO Collection (“the Mall”), which represents a half billion dollar private investment in Norwalk. This investment will generate millions of dollars in new tax revenues and create thousands of jobs. We are making Norwalk a destination city.

My Background​

I’ve been a resident of Norwalk for over 30 years. My wife, Chris Tierney, and I have 4 kids, 5 grandchildren, 2 black labs and a couple of beehives. We’re active volunteers in our City and enjoy all its diverse aspects from the parks, beaches, and restaurants, to the museums, aquarium, marinas, and coffee shops. It’s truly unique.  


Since coming to Norwalk I’ve coached soccer, been on the paddle tennis board, a volunteer fireman, and worked with the Norwalk Land Trust to acquire open space. I currently teach classes to preschoolers on bees, who ask impatiently, "when are we going to taste the honey."


I was first elected to public office as a Commissioner for the 6th Taxing District and next to the Common Council, representing District E in 2012. Currently, I’m Council President serving on the Leadership Committee with the Mayor, and the Majority and Minority Party leaders. In addition, I’m Chairman of the Public Works Committee and serve on the Finance, Planning, and Personnel committees. I also represent the Council on the Water Pollution Control Authority and I'm a member of the Manresa Steering Committee which is exploring possible economic uses of the Manresa property and the potential economic impacts of those alternatives.  


I hold a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance which has been useful in my roles at the City and in representing District E. I was the President of Dreyfus Investment Advisors, a subsidiary of the Dreyfus Corporation, and commuted for 38 years to NYC. Throughout my career, I was known as a team player whose persistence always got the job done without conflict. These are traits I have found quite useful as a Councilman representing District. E.

Why I'm Running

Memorial Day, 2017

L-R: Tom Livingston, Terri Wood, Mike Barbis, John Igneri

Drew Pierce (son-in-law), Beth (daughter), Grady and Aidan (grandsons), Chris (amazing wife)

and John in front.

Growth like this allows us the flexibility to invest in our kids by fully funding our schools, boosting the quality of education available and attracting new families.


Working together as a team with Tom Livingston, we’ve accomplished much over the last two years. We want to keep moving the needle forward bringing positive results that benefit all of the neighborhoods in District E as well as the City of Norwalk as a whole.


Yes, it’s been an exciting 2 years.  With your support, Tom and I will keep that momentum going!

SONO Collection

Groundbreaking 2017​

John Igneri and Chris Tierney

Mayor's Ball Charity Event

 Approved by John Igneri and Tom Livingston

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James Frayer, Treasurer

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