Tom Livingston, Councilman
District E
John Igneri, Councilman 
District E

Help keep property tax growth rates at historic lows


Promote growth and jobs that fit our neighborhoods and expand our tax base


Support the Board of Education and its comprehensive master plan to provide enhanced         academic options and to create a world-class education system


Support improvements to our infrastructure, including roads and sidewalks


Focus on quality of life issues by investing in parks and bike paths and working with residents to build a safe, vibrant and inclusive community for our families


On the Common Council, John and Tom will keep Norwalk moving forward by continuing to:

Vote for John Igneri and Tom Livingston on November 7th, 2017 
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 Approved by John Igneri and Tom Livingston

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James Frayer, Treasurer

Remember to VOTE on November 7th, 2017
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